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Meet the Captain

Picture of me back in my playing days.
Back in the glory days — grinding away in the corner

Hi, I’m Jack. The creator and author here at Hockey Dangles.

I was born and raised in Minnesota — perhaps better known as The State of Hockey. Growing up around the sport of hockey had a massive impact on my life.

If I wasn’t playing the game, I was thinking, watching, or talking with the boys about it.

After my high school days, I had a brief stint playing for a Junior hockey team up in Canada.

Absolute glory days.

Was it really possible to make a living playing?

I sure thought so.

That all changed one playoff game when a 6’5″ defensemen on the opposing team had other plans for my hockey career.

An open-ice hit later, and the next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital bed with a severe neck injury.

It was the last competitive hockey game I ever played.

These days I share my passion for the game of hockey with others through this website and coaching youth players. I truly hope you find value from what I’ve built here at HD.

— Jack, Hockey Dangles