Hockey Sauce Kit Review: Essential Summer Gear

The summer months can be a brutal time for hockey players. No NHL games to binge watch, limited ice availability, and in general not a lot going on in the hockey community.

Sure, you can try rallying the boys to organize a game of street hockey. But it’s always a challenge getting enough bodies together with everyone off doing a million other things in the summer.

Luckily, the founders at Hockey Sauce recognized there was a need, and developed a kit that lets you take the game anywhere during the off-season months.

In this hockey sauce kit review, we’ll provide a complete assessment of the set.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.   

What is the Original Hockey Sauce Kit?

Created for hockey players, by hockey players — this portable kit was designed with the user in mind every step of the way.

What started as a training tool for players to improve their game during the off-season has since evolved into a bit of lifestyle brand within the community.

Hockey Sauce: Game Rules Explained

General Features: What is Included in the Kit

The handy little kit comes with everything you need to build up your sauce pass and shooting skills during the off-season including:  

  • Two Goals constructed of metal posts and real twine netting
  • Retractable Fold in the front with a built-in lock system  
  • Shoulder Strap for easy transport
  • Two synthetic ice boards with a built-in handle
  • Four peg posts
  • Eight plastic hockey pucks (consists of four red & four orange pucks)

Though it isn’t necessary, in addition to the kit, there are a handful of accessories that can be purchased separately. The Original Sauce Kit is complete and we recommend starting with it before tossing any extras into the shopping cart.

Hockey Sauce Kit Pros:

There is a lot to like about this package. For starters, the overall convenience and portability of the set. Whether you are at a beach, lake, backyard BBQ, or your driveway — you have the ability to always be improving your game.

You can easily transport and store your pucks in the net by folding the front flap up. This eliminates the need to carry the pucks around in an extra bag or by hand.

The set also comes with a shoulder strap that connects with the net, which makes for an easy carry. That way you can use your free hands to carry snacks, chairs, and a cooler when you’re in transit.

The synthetic ice boards are light enough for hockey players of all ages to move around. We’ve seen a few squirts able to easily carry the whole set.

All parts are also incredibly durable, which was a pleasant surprise. Although the ramps are plastic, they can withstand a beating and show minimal signs of use. Really no worry of the Hockey Sauce Kit breaking down after one summer’s usage.

Overall, we are truly impressed with the quality of the entire Hockey Sauce Kit.

The last point we’ll touch on is the versatility of the kit. It can be used for all sorts of different events and scenarios. Whether you are trying to seriously improve your sauce pass or just play a game of Corn Hole, Hockey Style in the backyard with your mates — this kit is multi-functional.

Any Shortfalls?

Of course, no product was made perfect and the Hockey Sauce Kit is no exception. Because of the compact nature and overall lightness of the nets, the frame can occasionally get knocked around a bit when you’re firing off a clap bomb.

Not a huge deal, but something to be aware of. You may need to make small adjustments as you play and nudge the goals back towards the center. Hockey Sauce was aware this was happening, and more recently included the peg posts in the Original Sauce Kit. These peg posts have helped some, but it’s still something to be aware of.

Second, because each of the products have such an emphasis on high quality, the set comes at a high price point. Rather than trying to save a buck putting the products together in China, all of Hockey Sauce’s manufacturers are located in the United States or Canada. With premium quality, comes premium price.

Is the Hockey Sauce Kit Worth it?

It’s somewhat dependent on what you are hoping to get out of the hockey sauce kit. If you’re looking to seriously use the kit to train and improve your skills during the off-season, your money might be better spent on a hockey tarp or net.

However, if you are looking to have a bit of fun by the lake, on the beach, or at a social event — then the Original Hockey Sauce Kit is absolutely worth every penny. We particularly like the portability, high quality, and design the miniature nets offer.

You are almost certain to have a solid time enjoying a little summer puck by the lake and improving your sauce game while you’re at it.

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